Felici di saluto di Capodanno carte e Stato 2018 – Benedizione

Happy New Year greeting cards and State 2018 – Blessing : – The month of December each year marks what is perhaps the most loved festival of worldwide new year. Along with the usual exchange of gifts, on this occasion it is very much alive sending New Year greetings with the most diverse means, from the traditional postcard New Year to the simple SMS from friends, from email to post on social networks. Here, then, a collection of sentences from which you can draw inspiration for the creation of your messages with New Year Greetings.

Who likes to sleep but wakes up in a good mood, to those who still greets with a kiss, to those who work a lot and you have more fun, who goes quickly by car but does not sound at traffic lights, for those who arrive late but not look for excuses, to those who turn off the TV for a chat, who is happy when he does double half, to those who get up early to help a friend, who has the enthusiasm of a child and the thoughts of a man, who sees only black when it is dark, those who do not expect the new year to be better … Greetings!

Happy New Year greeting cards and State 2018

I am sending this willingly, leaving behind the bad thoughts and forget all your sorrows; give it a rest as the barbers, there is always a better tame yesterday. Enjoy without criteria, without regard to other opinions, the upper upward upwards all the glasses! Forget what you were, to face 2018 have to be a warrior! Happy New Year!



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We are running out: 2016 draws to a close and the new year is upon us. Between dinners with friends, opportunities to meet and matching the magic evenings, however, it remains important to find the time to thank everyone who was there by during the past year. What better way than to an original phrase to send via SMS, MMS email? When words are not enough, in addition, the technology allows you to attach to even the short electronic messages and funny videos, able to get your best wishes also to distant people. In this case, as always, the network is a real inexhaustible resource of original ideas. Here are some suggestions for your New Year greetings 2017-2018 and happy new year. They will be perfect for friends and parents, but also for your colleagues more sympathetic work.


happy New Year






And, of course, the most fun way of congratulations – come to visit with cake and champagne for his friend and personally tell their congratulazioni.Happy New Year – this is a huge space for your little ‘fantasy, a bit’ patience and time – and stand out from the crowd, the original all congratulated his friend joyous and important festival as the most important thing is not the amount of money spent on a gift, and how their love and care invest in dono.Così, after reading this article and learn some ways to congratulate his friend on the occasion of the new year, select the one that you liked and forth – greeting message will be the most original and be sure to give your He loved a good mood for a long time.

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